Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is S-MART?

S-MART is “Spacemonkey’s Market.” It’s the perfect concierge service for busy Monkeys. It’s like Amazon, but for Eve! Need a ship and or fittings, but can’t be arsed to go to Jita and get the parts? S-MART can not only bring the ship, but any fits as well as any items you want purchased to stash away for a rainy day. We have an Alliance doctrine fitting section, so you don’t even need to remember what to get! We also have the ability for your corp members with the correct roles to upload your own corp fittings for easy purchase. Want to get all your precious ratting loot up to High Sec but you can’t jump it yourself? S-MART can do that, too. Want to stock up some local Null Sec stations with ammo for your buddies, or create economic chaos in neighboring systems? Order it from us, we’ll bring it over, and you can re-sell your greedy little monkey heart out.

Q: How do I use S-MART?

  1. Using your Eve Online Login, sign up to the S-MART webpage belonging to
  2. Use the Search function or browse our extensive selection of goods, all calculated by Jita pricing with a tiny margin on top for our employees’ time and effort.
  3. Add items to your cart, verifying the quantity you want.
  4. When you’re ready, view your cart and select “Checkout.”
  5. Select the system you want your goods shipped to from the drop-down of available stations.
  6. Choose insurance if you want to protect your goods. (Insurance provides a 100% Alliance-backed guarantee for your purchase in case of transport destruction, theft, or price increase.)
  7. Submit your order, and pay the selected amount into S-MART Integrated Logistics Corporation wallet with the reason #ORDERID. (Use your order number. For example, if you are paying for order #420, and the total cost of your order is 6,000,000 ISK, your payment amount would be 6,000,000 and the reason would be #420.)
  8. Then simply wait with glorious anxiety-free patience as the S-MART shoppers and shippers scurry to fill and deliver your order to you!

Q: What are your shopping fees?

We charge 15% on top of Jita cost for our shopping. This money goes back into the alliance funds as well as to pay our employees. 15% is a small price to pay to have someone else do all the work for you!

Q: What are your shipping rates/costs?

We charge a flat rate of 400 isk per m3 (meter cubed), with a 15,000,000 (15 million) isk minimum shipping fee for any order under 12.500m3. We think this is a fair balance to pay for the jump freighter pilots’ time, effort, and fuel as well as their cynos and cyno replacements. Additionally, it is the best way to compensate them for their work.

Q: Why are you doing such an awesome thing?

In order to crush the skulls of our enemies, we need butts in seats in our fleets. If you don’t have the ships, we don’t have the butts. Plus, it helps put SRP into our wallets to pay out to you. (Also, it keeps Winet busy and out of our hair.)

Q: How do I get my goods once they have reached their destination?

Once your items have been purchased by our staff and jumped out to one of our delivery systems you will be issued with a contact for your items. This contract will last 7 days. If the contract is not accepted we reserve the right to seize and confiscate the items. As always you can reach a customer support agent to help solve any issues that may arise in this instance. So please if you are expecting a contract check to see it hasn't arrived

Q: Express Shipping?

This is a service we offer in the event that you need your item in a timely manner ahead of all other contracts. Express shipping can be purchased for a $100 000 000 (100 million) fee for 12 hour return and 75 million for 24 hour return All items ordered with express shipping will be delivered in 12/24 hours or less, or you receive your shipping for free.

Q: Wait, how can I trust you?

S-MART is run by Directors and trusted long time members of SMA. We will no longer be allowing untested individuals to carry your goods. In the past, S-MART (as S.MART) has processed nearly 13,000 orders, with over 4 Trillion ISK running through our wallets. Yes, you read that right 4 Trillion isk.

Q: Customer Support?

Here at S-MART SMA we like to make sure our customers are always happy, and thus we have a Discord just for S-MART support. If you have any issues with your order or you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us on our discord server -

Q: What if I want to work for S-MART, are your currently hiring new employees?

At this present point in time we are not open to recruitment. However any pilots interested, with the skills listed below, can be added to our human resources list for future employment opportunities.

If you have a maxed out Trade Character, including personal and corporation contracts, please contact our support team.

If you have a Jump freighter pilot (in or out of corp/alliance) with a Jump Freighter/Blockade Runner and the ability to light your own cynos, please contact our support team.

Q: Why do I need to give you access to ____ when i log in?

We use the information you provide us to better allow us to operate. A description of each requested "scope" is below:

Public Data
This gives us access to your characters public data, this is the information available to anyone who opens your character window in game. Things like corporation, alliance, name, bio. We use it to identify who you are and what corp/alliance you are a member of. We store your character name, corporation and alliance every time you login.

This gives us access to your characters saved fittings. We use this to allow you to buy fittings that you have saved. These are never stored on our server. We read them from the eve online server every time you view the page.

Corporation Roles
We use this to allow director's and CEO's and those with the role "Fitting Manager" to add doctrine fittings to the site so that you can buy them from doctrine list in the shop. The roles of a character are saved every time you login.

Q: Who is this "Shalazan" at the bottom of every page?

One goddamn sexy Canadian.